Nutrition Tips for Mobile, Alabama

Nutrition Tips for Mobile, Alabama

"Be good" with your nutrition habits and reap the benefits!

Staying fit can be hard to do in the South. There are so many temptations! Between soul food and sweet tea, there are a lot of nutritional pitfalls just waiting around every corner. Being a part of a fit group of people can help you stay on track and taking advice from nutritional experts can allow you to find ways to stay healthy even when faced with the worst temptations. At Dexter Sutton Personal Training right here in Mobile, Alabama, nutrition coaching is combined with group fitness classes and quality personal training to help you get fit and stay fit in an encouraging environment.

To get you started, here are some quick tips that you can easily implement into your lifestyle to help you get your personal nutrition on track!

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Mobile, AL:

  1. Don’t fry!!! Skip the bubbling oil and opt for grilling, baking or broiling your meat and vegetables instead. You can have sweet potato fries, just bake them with a little sea salt and olive oil instead. No need to skip the crunchy chicken, just use almond flour instead of regular flour or corn meal and use the oven instead of the fryer!
  2. Cut the extra fat. While fat is a good and healthy part of your diet, you should try to stick to healthy fats and make sure that your fat intake is decreased when possible. Opt for olive oil instead of butter, for instance, or healthy nuts instead of milk chocolate snacks.
  3. Snack healthily. Instead of reaching for the potato chips, try some vegetables or fruit as a snack. Dried fruit in particular can give you the crunch you want without all the saturated fat. Use plantain chips as a substitute for crackers or chips and hummus instead of fatty dips.
  4. Be smart with your sides. Replace the French fries with green beans or asparagus. Trade in white rice for fiber-rich brown rice. Instead of the onion rings, try a side salad with an oil and vinegar dressing.
  5. Control your portions. Getting a big platter of food from the local bar & grill is as American as apple pie these days. Keep yourself from eating the whole thing by asking for a half portion or get a to-go box at the beginning of your meal to tuck away the food you want to save for later before your begin.
  6. Change your drinking habits. Opt for no or low calorie drinks and try to stay away from unnatural chemicals in your drinks. Go for unsweetened tea instead of sweet tea, or sweeten your tea with raw honey instead of sugar. Iced green tea can be a refreshing alternative as well and has a load of health benefits. Seltzer water is available in cans in a variety of flavors from a lot of different brands and can help you satisfy the craving for fizzy drinks without the calories. Plus, it’s a good way to stay hydrated!
  7. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. If you’re not getting your 8 glasses per day, find ways to work water into your daily routine. The health benefits of good hydration will reach every aspect of your body—even your mood—and can help you lose weight and control hunger as well.
  8. Get that fiber. It’s easier than you think to add fiber to your diet. Throw steel-cut oats in your baked goods, eat plenty of vegetables with your meals and go for whole-grain options like barley, brown rice and quinoa instead of white rice and breads. You can always buy fiber powders, too, to help you get fiber into your favorite foods. Fiber not only helps your digestive system run well, it can also help you control hunger and lose weight!
  9. Opt for lean protein. Protein helps you build muscle (which helps you burn fat) and it gives you long-term energy. Lean protein options—like fish and chicken—gives you all the benefits of protein without the extra fat. Try grilling up some chicken for a salad or a nice piece of salmon with some brown rice for delicious, filling and healthy meals.
  10. Exercise! While not technically nutrition, the benefits of exercising will extend to your nutritional needs. When you work out, your body needs more energy allowing you to eat more, which is great for foodies! Also, working out encourages you to try out nutritional supplements which not only help you get more from your exercise, but can also keep you on track with other areas of your nutrition. For a great workout, try Dexter Sutton’s personal training and/or group fitness classes right here in Mobile, Alabama, where nutrition and exercise are combined as a matter of course.