Dexter Sutton\'s Personal Training and Small Group Fitness

Dexter Sutton Personal Training & Small Group Fitness  Will Help You:

  • Achieve A Total Body Makeover    
  • Get Lean, Lose Weight, Build, Strengthen and Define Muscle 
  • Improve Overall Health  
  • Feel Less Stressed
  • Feel Empowered

Our Program Is Designed to:

Improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility while decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass.


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Custom Meal Plans
Eating right and staying active are both necessary in giving you the endurance and strength that you need for exercise, work, and play. It’s important to ensure that you get good nutrition from your diet.

Weekly Weigh-Ins
To help you reach your fitness goals, I conduct weekly weigh-ins at the beginning of every week. Stay on top of your weight goals, whether your are trying to slim down or bulk up.

Body Composition Monitoring
To keep track of the changes in your body and stay on top of your fitness goals, I conduct body composition monitoring once a month. Check body fat, muscle mass and more.

I provide guidelines for combining nutrition with your exercise program in order to keep your body looking and feeling healthy. Talk to me today about tailoring your nutritional supplements to fit your needs.

A Unique Blend of Cross-Training, Strength and Nutrition
with a twist of aerobics and boxing.

It’s my goal to make the workout process exciting and energetic so that you actually look forward to the hard work ahead of you. When you know you’re in a safe environment where you can have fun pushing yourself, then you are more likely to work hard & reach your goals.

If you are looking to work towards your physical goals in an encouraging, personal environment, then Dexter Sutton Small Group Fitness is right for you. I offer calorie-burning boxing workouts designed to work your whole body in a fun, invigorating and comprehensive class.

You might think that giving your body the proper nutrition just means eating well, but there’s more to nutrition than just food. Using nutritional supplements specifically designed for active people, you can give your body the nutrients it needs before, after and during your workouts.

I would like to encourage everyone—no matter what age, weight, or fitness background—to strive for ultimate physical fitness. Let’s stay around as long as we can for our families and friends. Let’s treat our bodies right so we can enjoy life to the fullest. Let’s work together for the satisfaction of reaching, and maybe even exceeding, our fitness goals.

Hi, I’m Dexter Sutton and I’d like to help you get into the best physical condition of your life.